Environmental policy

Our environmental management policy is based on a firm commitment to structural improvement and the assumption of ever greater demands and obligations at the same time as striving to satisfy our clients with optimum products and service. Not only do we stress the improvement of environmental performance in this policy, but we will go beyond the environmental legislation with our staff actively searching for ways to improve and giving information transparently. This is evidenced by our work in support of the environment.

The byproduct processing plant is an initiative to raise awareness for and respect towards environmental sustainability. The aim of this plant is to process completely the byproducts which are created daily, according to the European norms relating to the treatment of such byproducts. On the one hand, bones and offal left over from the butchering is steam heat at high pressure until it melts and forms a sort of dough in the shape of a tube which is then pressed and filtered in order to separate the fat from the meat flour. On the other hand, feathers are completely dehydrated to form a kind of feather flour which can be used in compost and fertilizers for example.

Moreover, the company has a Residual Water Purification Plant that recycles all water used daily in production processes, using purified systems that are implemented above requirements. Your water purification plant has the performance technology of GE LEAP allowing you to double the production of purified water, from 600 m3/day through the above conventional system, the existing 1,200 m3/day; a volume equivalent to daily water consumption of about 6,000 people.

The cogeneration plant with an investment of two million euros and runs on natural gas with a capacity to generate one megawatt of electricity from waste heat to produce steam engine, electricity and hot water from cooling said motor

The Environmental Department of the Junta de AndalucĂ­a recently awarded Procavi for our work in defense of the environment, in the section of Environmental management to be precise.