Procavi is now a business reality consolidated in the food sector with reference vocation, with a significant presence in the market, with the ability to create value and develop interesting projects for their production processes.

Procavi has since its inception in 2002, undergoing a continuous improvement project and suitability from the technological point of view, which makes it stand as one of the Andalusian companies with an important innovative potential.

Procavi Procavi is one of the leading European integrated turkey meat production and its current market share in Spain companies is around 52%. It is, by turnover, one of the top 50 companies in Andalusia, one of the first 10 in the food industry Andalusian and 4th level of turkey meat production in Europe. Procavi is part of Grupo Fuertes, major business group, whose best-known company is El Pozo Power.

Our organization has set as its main objective the continuous reinvestment of their profits to ensure the future. This has been proposed to be increasingly competitive, offering solutions to their increasingly better and more professional clients, while adhering to their real demands.

Procavi is an Andalusian company that creates wealth in their community. 100% of its industrial and manufacturing facilities and its poultry farms are located in Andalusia. Also 100% of its workers are Andalusians.

Procavi also has to develop its livestock facet with a large number of collaborators integrators who are caregivers and fattening our turkeys on their farms.

Procavi currently has nearly 300 farmers belonging to the family of our company integrators reaching a total of more than 600 jobs that would be added to the more than 1,000 direct jobs are there Procavi.