Procavi has three feed factories located in Campillos (Málaga), Carmona (Sevilla) and Villanueva de los Castillejos (Huelva) and its facilities, which have a Quality Control Laboratory work itself-a large team of professionals, including which include nutritionists, biologists and chemists to develop more healthy and balanced food for turkeys.

Feeding these animals are taken care of and the level of demand is so high that it has a wide typology of feed depending on the age and sex of the turkey.

Procavihas three Multiplication Centers in the Cañete la Real area of Málaga. These new establishments offer the most advanced techniques of poultry breeding, and are responsible for providing the company with the eggs which will later be incubated. In these centers the turkeys are reared until they reach the egg-laying adult phase achieving genetically perfect, healthy turkeys which are free of medication therefore the healthiest and most ecological production possible.

After obtaining the eggs, they go to a modern and innovative Integral Incubation Center located in Campillos in the province of Málaga. This plant is one of the most advanced in Europe and one of the most efficient, bio secure and aseptic in the whole world.

Acclimation processes in egg Procavi facilities are very innovative and advanced.

In these conditions the natural incubation process are simulated turkey egg turning from time to time and equating levels of temperatures, oxygen, moisture, etc.. would have the same turkey nest.

Thus a healthier and prone to health conditions required birth is achieved.

The care and fattening process is divided into two phases: the first, called breeding, is where the turkeys remain the first 28 days of life, reaching an average weight of a kilo. Here need most painstaking care and strict as it is the starting phase of the turkey. When this phase ends turkeys are moved to fattening farms where they will remain until slaughter.

Procavi has an extensive and professional group of employees who are responsible for carrying out the tasks of caring for animals. The company in addition to deliver the turkeys and feed, supervises and advises this process through its own technical and veterinary team.

Procavi also enjoys several installations which have been designed and built with the most advanced materials, finished by the most modern building techniques. It is worth pointing out the new enclosed installations with controlled environment where the animal is kept in an ideal habitat, achieving the most adequate performance and consumption, with aspects such as ventilation, temperature, relative humidity, heating all totally automated.

With all this attention to detail, custom-made for each phase of the animal, the most ideal conditions for the developmental phase of the animal are achieved in an environment where its well-being and sanitary/hygienic conditions are of the highest priority.

The turkeys are transported from the fattening farms to the slaughtering installations situated in Marchena, a town in the province of Seville. There, Procavi is, on national level, the first poultry business to implement the CO2 stunning system. By stunning with CO2 the bird is gradually anaesthetized due to lack of oxygen. To minimize the animal’s suffering during the process; the amount of CO2 administered prior to slaughter varies: in the first stage a low percentage of CO2 is applied, eventually increasing it until total stunning takes place.

The installations in Marchena have two totally independent butchering halls. Both have been designed by our engineering department to maximize productivity, always taking into consideration the posture of the workers in this section and their safety.

In these halls the carcasses are cut into different joints, optimizing the working system of the employees, as well as the traceability of the meat through our Integral Control Production which lets us know the ID of the meat at any given moment.

Procavi has modern plants to prepare the various products which are commercialized. These are equipped with the latest technological advances to be able to offer the greatest variety of presentation and complete adaptability to the needs and requirements of our clients when preparing the product. There are three variable product packaging formats depending on the specifications made by the client to whom they are intended: vacuum packaging, bulk packaging and modified atmosphere free service.

The freezer section is related facilities such as the freezing tunnel, freezing chambers of product, the storage chamber frozen products, the preparation room and palletizing of frozen products.

The washing section boxes and plastic pallet is made by a ship reception and storage boxes, one laundry ship containers with automatic washing machines having a transport system of boxes from the laundry to the different sections.

This allows us to maintain the leading position in the sector, improve the marketing of our products, strengthening business networks and business excellence.

Procavi bet is to influence the current consumption habits and increase the volume of consumption of turkey meat in people highlighting the protein and low fat qualities of our items.

Procavi is currently undergoing a technological metamorphosis, it will definitely be taking is one of the most innovative companies Andalusian potential overall and more forward-looking within the sector at particular level

Proof of this is the significant amount of investment the company has focused in recent years on this issue to modernize their facilities and become the most advanced technological reference in its sector. The company is seeking to add value to its Integrated Process Control, which over the years has matured so persistent and decisive.

All this is being facilitated through the implementation of an important investment that includes the development and implementation of new technologies and production processes, for which Procavi, defined and designed a new system of production based on automation and optimization phases the industrial process and the introduction of new technologies and developments in own equipment to incorporate.

The social area of Procavi, built for the comfort of the employees of the organization, reflects the policy of providing the most adequate infrastructures for all the people who work in our organization.

Thus, the Social Centre has a wide surface of the crowds differentiated by sex and sections, some toilets, truckers area and an area for the access control of visitors. Besides Procavi has a laundry for washing the workers’ clothes.

There is also a supermarket where you can buy all kinds of products of our sister companies (El Pozo, Fripozo, Aquadeus, Palancares, Bodegas Luzón, etc.) and Procavi with attractive offers for our workers.

The area for the Social Centre has a total floor area of almost 1,300 m2, distributed on two floors.